Deep Relaxation

10 Minute Deep Relaxation


Feeling stressed then take 10 minutes out of your day and listen to this audio program I guarantee that it will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Product Description

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Feeling stressed and overwhelmed and your day is going from bad to worse then take a 10 minute break and regain your clarity and focus with this powerful 10 minute relaxation audio program. It has also be used if you are the type of person who is continually rushing and find it difficult to relax. If this is the case I would recommend that you  listen to it daily for a period of 3 weeks. If you do this you will find that it will literally change how you approach your life and situations.

For example you will be become aware when you are rushing or feeling stressed about something and instantly be able to relax. This happens because the visualisation specifically sets your brains neural connections to automatically experience a calm, relaxed, safe and confident state. I personally found after listening to this visualisation once the next day I could stop myself from rushing and feeling anxious because I might be late to an appointment. This is something that I hadn’t been able to control before.

If you suffer from anxiety I would recommend purchasing the Reduce Anxiety Power Pack which contains this audio program as well as Healing The Past and Affirmations specifically designed to reduce anxiety.

Please do not listen to this whilst driving or operating machinery you will need to take 10 minutes out to listen to this