Abundance Affirmations


Put your brain to work to create an abundant life whilst you do boring and time wasting tasks. This audio program includes 15 abundance affirmations over a backdrop of relaxing and inspiring music.

Product Description

This product is available for instant download

This audio program focuses on the theme of general abundance. It includes health, wealth, general life abundance and well being. It consists of 15 power statements repeated 3 times at intervals of 30 seconds. It is recorded over a backdrop of beautiful alpha brain wave music which allows that the messages to be transferred into your long term memory much more quickly.

As with all our products it has been designed to fit easily into your busy life style. You can listen to it while driving taking a walk, waiting at appointments, gardening, supermarket shopping etc.

Some of the power statements include

Abundance is my natural state of being

My life is filled with magic, miracles and abundance

My life is an endless stream of opportunities and good fortune

I always have an abundance of health, wealth, love, joy and happiness in my life

I give thanks that I am always living my life in financial freedom

The door of opportunity is always open to me

I give thanks for my amazing and abundant life

I am always open to receive infinite abundance

I accept the richness, beauty and magic of my life