Achieving wealth

Achieving Wealth


Does financial abundance constantly elude you no matter how hard you try? It may be that that there are unconscious beliefs locked away in your long term memory that are preventing you from achieving your financial goals. In this two part series you can put your brain to work whilst you sleep to uncover the hidden beliefs and then remove them.

Product Description

This is a two part audio program that looks at uncovering and removing hidden beliefs that are preventing you from attaining financial success. If you are struggling to achieve financial abundance or looking to achieve financial freedom then this is the audio program for you.

In track 1 of this audio program you get to discover what is preventing you from achieving financial success. It is designed to be listened to when you get into bed at night. The great thing is you don’t have to be awake for it to work. The audio program instructs your brain to find the reason/s why financial success is eluding you, your brain then goes to work to find the cause. Depending upon the strength of the hidden cause that is preventing your success the answer may come to you when you awake the next morning or sometime during the day. It may take a couple of days or a couple of weeks but I can guarantee if you keep on listening to audio program every night you will get your answer. Once you have your answer you then move onto part two of this audio recording Removing The Blockage.

Track 2 of this audio program follows on from Finding The Cause. Once you have your answer as to what is causing you to not live up to your true financial potential you then be guided in this audio program to instruct your brain to reprogram that belief to enable you to find financial success.

Both of these audio programs are designed to be listened to when you get into bed at night under no circumstances should you listen to this whilst driving or operating machinery it is extremely unsafe.