being in the moment

Being In The Moment


Training your brain to live in the present moment can be difficult. This audio program makes it easy for you to train yourself to start living in the present moment. The two main advantages of learning to do this are firstly you bypass existing limiting beliefs and secondly all possibilities exist in the present moment.

Product Description

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This guided visualization designed to train your brain to stay focused in the moment. This is the quickest way to stop your past informing your present and future moments. Also being in the present moment is the simplest way to access your intuition because it is not being coloured by your past conditioning. The more you train your brain to be in the moment the sooner you will be free to live the life you want.

You have two choices with this visualization you can either start practicing with being in the moment for 5 minutes or if you wish you can extend it to 10 minutes. Choose whatever feels right to you. During the guided visualization you will receive instructions when the five minute mark has been reached, you can then decide whether you would like to continue on for another five minutes.

What Others Are Saying

Jule, I have listened to the visualisation (Being In the Moment) a couple of times over the week just gone by and I must say it’s a really good challenge for me (and probably most of us)! I had more success in my second attempt to experience only the NOW for a few minutes. It’s a great visualisation to help me still me mind for a spell and to help me regroup before I head of into the chaos of my usual day. Thank you and I look forward to more installments…. Melissa Martin