Garden Of Your Mind

Garden Of Your Mind Visualization


This is a beautiful 10 minute guided visualization designed to reprogram those self limiting and negative beliefs that often rear their ugly head at the most inopportune times. Feeling low then take 10 minutes out and listen to this inspiring and mood changing audio program.

Product Description

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How often during the day do you find yourself having thoughts about yourself which are limiting, critical or negative? Unfortunately most of us grew up in an environment where we were introduced to limited and negative thinking during the first 12 years of our lives. During these first 12 years your brain was in a fully and semi hypnotic state meaning that you believed most of what you were told and experienced. These thoughts then become imprinted in your unconscious and continually play themselves out in limiting beliefs and behaviours.

The purpose of this guided visualisation is to restore your thinking to the true inner beauty and reflection of who you really are. It is set in a mythical backdrop to engage your brains senses and bring about the restoration of you. It has been designed to fit into your busy day and is approximately 10 minutes in length

What Others Are Saying

The Garden Of Your Mind visualisation gives me out for my brain to rest and be charmed by the vivid images that it portrays.  I particularly loved the crystal wand studded with rubies!  In the quest to love myself completely, this visualization helps me realize how much of my of our minds are plagued with negative thoughts.  I now imagine that every time I think something unkind about myself a precious flower dies in my minds beautiful garden. I know that this visualisation is working positively with my sub-conscious mind to heal all my past negative conditioning and restore me to who and what I truly am.

Thank you Jule, for yet another of your fabulous visual creations! ………. Maree Chappell


The Garden of Your Mind Visualisation is a truly beautiful and effective short visualisation. I love starting my day out by including this visualisation to my morning ‘wake up’ routine! It gets me mentally and spiritually ‘cleansed’ to start the day on a positive note. I find myself in a more heightened state and also buzzing with the flow of positive energy after the mental exercise. Thanks Jule for creating a great piece and sharing it with us!  .…….. Melissa Martin


Jule’s guided visualisations have completely changed my life. Not only am I now a changed person reaching my goals and with purpose in my life but I have gone from this stressed out negative type personality to being calm, cool and confident.  Whenever I feel life getting me down I listen to one of her visualisations as they bring me right back to where I need to be. I don’t know how I managed to live my life without them, but I am just thankful that I found Jule when I really needed guidance……… Linda Bibo