Change your life healing past life memories

Healing Past Life Memories


The Change Your Life Series of audio programs is specifically aimed at people who have tried everything else but still cannot get their life to work the way they want it to. These 2 past life audio programs are aimed at breaking through the blockages that are preventing you from living a happy, joyous and prosperous life. I originally developed them in response to coaching clients where the tried and tested strategies just didn’t work. They are extremely powerful and I guarantee if you follow the guidance on how to use them you will uncover and heal the blockages that are preventing you from living the life you were meant to live.

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Product Description

You have tried everything to get your life on track but nothing seems to be working. Strategies that have worked in the past no longer seem to have any impact. You feel like you are beating your head against a brick wall. You are totally frustrated and out of answers. ‘What the heck is going on?’ you ask. Well you may be interested to learn that the blockages you are experiencing are not of this lifetime. ‘What!’ you exclaim. ‘You have got to be kidding me.’ Understandable reaction, but if you are experiencing ridiculous blockages and your life just doesn’t make any sense then maybe this isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. I developed these audio programs in response to coaching clients where it didn't matter what they did nothing was working for them. It just didn't make sense until I managed to figure out what was going on. 

You will also know whether this is the answer you have been looking for because the blockages you are experiencing are not new. In fact they have been probably been happening for a number of years now and nothing you seem to do makes any difference. If that describes you and your life then read on.

To help you discover the truth I have created two audio programs designed to help you find the answers you seek. The first audio program titled Healing Past Life Memories will take you on a journey to visit the lifetime that is keeping you stuck. You will discover what thoughts, emotions, beliefs, vows, guilt or self condemnation you may have made in that lifetime that is currently keeping you stuck and unable live the life you know you should be living. You will also be guided through a healing session to allow you to release these blockages from your life.

I have also created a second audio program titled Healing The Past and Accessing Past Life Knowledge. It is designed for those wishing to continue their healing journey and integrate into this lifetime skills and knowledge acquired in other lifetimes. Each audio program is approximately 35 minutes in length.

Please do not listen to these audio programs whilst driving or operating machinery.

Both of these audio programs are for advanced travellers who are finding that it doesn’t matter what they do nothing seems to work. If this is the position you find yourself in then congratulate yourself. Whilst you think you haven’t been getting anywhere the fact is the exact opposite is true. You are now finally ready to go well beyond anything you thought was possible to achieve in this lifetime. 

 A few things to keep in mind when listening to the guided visualisations

1. The guided visualisation is just a guide if you see different scenes and images go with those.

2. You don’t have to literally see images in your mind you can either just use your imagination, or just sense what might be happening. This is especially relevant when it comes to the segment where you get to view your past life. Most people don’t see images and pictures they just imagine they do. If you don’t see or sense anything do not worry just relax, enjoy the music and trust that you will get the answers you seek when the time is right.​

For example when I used the first audio program Healing Past Life Memories I didn’t see moving images like watching a movie. Instead I saw in my mind buildings and then the thought popped in as to the time and place of those buildings. I then had a sense of a young boy who then became a teenager and finally an adult. I received thoughts and impressions of what had happened during that lifetime rather than the full movie version. The thoughts that occurred to me were that the lifetime was Atlantis and the key learning for me was understanding that the fall of Atlantis was due to a overestimation of thinking that we could control the power rather than a deliberate misuse of power.

​Strangely enough I had always had issues accepting power and recently it had come up again as something I needed to heal. When the message came through in this guided visualisation that it wasn’t a misuse of power but more of a naivety that power can be controlled I experienced a great sense of relief.

In the second audio program Healing The Past and Accessing Past Life Knowledge I again didn’t see a movie but had thoughts and impressions of that lifetime. I had wanted to return to the Atlantean lifetime as I had a few more questions but I was strongly guided to another lifetime. It is so important to trust the process. The lifetime was Egypt and I saw myself as a young temple priestess who had great healing abilities. My impressions were that she spent most of her time in the main city area tending to people who were sick or injured. The interesting thing about that lifetime was that she used her mind to heal rather than herbs or energetic healing methods. I didn’t quite understand how she did that and the closest I could come to it with my limited thinking was that it was some form of hypnotism. However I knew and sensed that it was much more advanced than that. I didn’t receive any impressions or thoughts that I needed to heal anything, everything was focused on integrating the healing gifts I had in that lifetime into this one. Rather than trying to analyse this I gave myself permission to integrate these gifts into my current lifetime when I visited the healing and integration temple which is included in the visualisation.

​It is important not to try and force anything with these guided visualisations but instead just trust the process. For example I just trust that my ability to heal with my mind will come to me when the time is right rather than trying to make anything happen. During the first audio program I literally felt a shift within me when I learned that it was not a misuse of power. Interestingly learning to let go and flow with life rather than using power to try and force things to happen has been a huge learning curve for me in this life. After the visualisation I now feel that I can accept power without being afraid that I will misuse it.

One of my clients found when using the audio program that at first she didn't see anything in fact all she had was a black scene. Normally she would try and force things to work or get upset when they didn't however this time she was able to let go and the most amazing visions unfolded that were truly life changing for her. It is so important not to try and force anything or get upset if nothing is happening because stress shuts down the brain and you will be unable to see or sense anything. 

​In the second audio program I didn’t feel or experience any shifts but gained important knowledge of a healing tool that is potentially possible for me to use in this lifetime. It is like it has sown a seed of something that I would never have conceived was a possibility. Like any seed I will allow it to grow naturally.

​The most important thing is not to put yourself under pressure to see things during the visualisations. If you do see something great if not just trust any thoughts or impressions you receive. Most of all please have fun and enjoy the adventures. At first you may not get anything if that happens just enjoy the experience of the music and follow the old adage if at first you don’t succeed try again. It is like trying to ride a bike or drive a car at first you struggle but with enough practice you become really good at it. It is the same thing with these audio programs the more you work with them the better you will become at receiving messages.

I am always astounded at how easily people give up on something like this when it doesn’t work the first time. Did you ever give up learning to walk, talk or write? Did any of those things come naturally? We have this impression that everything should just come naturally to us. However that is not how our brains work. If you think back on your life you will realise that you had to learn to do everything and that takes practise. The most successful people in the world got there by practicing. Very few people are overnight sensations. It is said that to master something it takes 10,000 hours of practise. The good news is if you stick with listening to these audio programs it will take you no where near 10,000 hours to master them and in doing so you will have all the answers you need to live your highest potential.​

​You can use the audio programs as often as you like. I would recommend starting with listening to Healing Past Life Memories and then just use your instincts to guide you to when to use Healing The Past and Accessing Past Life Knowledge. For example if you are struggling with a particular aspect of your life such as money or relationships use Healing Past Life Memories and set the intention beforehand of I would like to visit the lifetime that is causing me to have money issues in this lifetime. Or I would like to visit the lifetime that is causing me to have relationship issues with X in this lifetime. Or I would like to visit the lifetime that is causing me to not to be able to find my perfect soul mate in this lifetime. Healing Past Life Memories is excellent to uncovering what is causing the blockages. Once you have uncovered the answer to your most pressing problems move onto Healing The Past and Accessing Past Life Knowledge. Unless of course you feel strongly inclined to listen to that one to solve your most pressing problem. For example you might be experiencing problems attracting money and the real reason behind it is that you need to be doing some type of work in this lifetime that you have not considered. By listening to Healing The Past and Accessing Past Life Knowledge you might discover hidden skills and knowledge that you are meant to be using in this lifetime. If you are unsure which one to use listen to both setting the same intention and see what happens. There really is no one right or wrong way to work with these audio programs so just experiment and enjoy the insights and journey.

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