Healing The Past

Healing The Past Visualization


This 10 minute visualization is designed to heal past memories that are disturbing your peace of mind and preventing you from living the rich and rewarding life you deserve.

Product Description

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This powerful guided visualisation that take you into a deep state of relaxation and then programs your brain to release all traumatic, distressing, hurtful and destructive thoughts and emotions. I have received a lot of positive feedback about this visualisation. At the time I developed this audio program I was suffering from a bout of really bad stomach nerves that appeared out of the blue and I couldn’t seem to shift it. After listening to this track once the problem disappeared and hasn’t returned.

I have deliberately kept it short. It is around 8 minutes in length and I have added a few extra additional minutes of music. It is also extremely enjoyable and deeply relaxing to listen to. Whatever you do not play this whilst driving your car or operating equipment or machinery. You will need to take time out to listen to this one. If you cannot find time during the day then listen to it when you get into bed at night.

What Others Are Saying

While practicing the Healing The Past meditation, I have been in a better place. I like to do this meditation whenever I feel like there are too many thoughts running through my mind. This meditation clears away all extreme thoughts and leaves room for the good thoughts to rise up and for me to take notice of them. This is especially good when I have a project that I want to tackle but external thoughts are robbing my attention from what I really need to focus on. They all just wash away like magic…………Cynthia Moreno

I have spent so many years trying to clear the negative emotional & psychological baggage that has plagued me from my childhood through counselling and various self help programs. I thought I had overcome them, until more recently when I started to again experience past emotions coming through and impacting me in my present life again.

Jule your “Healing The Past” audio is truly wonderful. I am able to get into a very deep state of relaxation (hypnotic state) and allow your ‘magic’ to flow through and connect with my Higher Self. I have listened to this audio a few times since you sent it out and have found that I am feeling “lighter” subconsciously and not as easily frustrated and angered by things that happen day to day that use to upset me previously. It’s like I have had a huge LETTING GO experience but at a much deeper level. I am beginning to feel FREED from all the emotional guff that has been with me from my childhood.

I will continue to work with your SELF LOVE & OVER COMING GUILT audio affirmations which I find just fantastic! Thank you very much for the great material you are creating and I can say that they are making a huge difference in my life!!………….Melissa Martin.

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