Acceleration of the Mind

Morning Night Goal Visualization


This two part audio program makes it easy for you to achieve your goals faster through the power of visualization. The three part combination of putting your brain to work whilst you sleep, using your brains powerful alpha state when you first awake of a morning and the power of visualization is a winning formula that ensures your success.

Product Description

This 2 program audio pack is aimed at ensuring that you achieve your goals. It consists of a morning and night goal achievement audio program which takes you through the visualization process to activate your brain and achieve your goals.

The night time audio program is designed to be played just before you go to sleep. It is designed to take you through the process of visualizing your goal so that your brain can work on it overnight whilst you sleep.

Your brain is more active when you are asleep than when you are awake. Nothing gets transferred into your long term memory during the day it all gets transferred when you sleep. Your brain reviews your day and decides based on your thoughts and experiences what is important and relevant and transfers those experiences into your long term memory. Keep in mind here it interprets what it thinks is important and relevant based on how much time and energy you gave you gave that experience.

The reality is you are visualising all the time both consciously and unconsciously and often your visions have more do with your fears rather than your goals. Therefore by visualising your goal just before you fall asleep using the methods outlined in this audio program the chances of it going directly into your long term memory are significantly increased. This also helps to mitigate any fear thoughts your may have experienced throughout the day about your goal from reaching your long term memory and causing self sabotage. So what you are really doing is training your brain to think and attract success rather than fear and failure.

The morning audio program is designed when you first awake of a morning. It is only 5 minutes in length so that it is easy to fit into your busy day.

When you first wake up of a morning is also a powerful time to visualize because your brain is in what is referred to an alpha state which is a semi hypnotic state meaning that your long term memory is much more receptive to taking in this information.

You are also reinforcing your visualisation from the night before because your brain is being programmed to interpret your goal as being important and relevant to you. The more that is accepted into your long term memory the less chance there will be that fear and rejection thoughts will enter your head during the day. This is how positive beliefs are formed.

If you are looking for a success formula to activate your brain power and achieve your goals then this is your answer

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