Perfect Moments

Only Perfect Moments Affirmations


What you focus on you find! This is how your brain is designed to work. Perfect moments exist but the question is will you manifest them in your life. This audio program is designed to help train your brain to look for and manifest perfect moments as part of your everyday living.

Product Description

This audio program is available as a downloadable product

What if every moment was perfect and it is only our thinking that makes it imperfect. Quantum physics tells us that at any one time all possibilities exist and when we focus on something we bring it into existence. This audio program is designed to train your brain to view the world as a series of perfect moments. Not only do perfect moments exist but from a brain perspective you get what you focus on. So why not start training your brain to create only perfect moments in your life.

The audio program has been designed so you can take advantage of all that time you lose doing boring repetitive tasks such as driving, taking a walk, waiting at appointments, doing the housework or gardening tasks, doing the supermarket shopping and the list goes on. Now you can put to use that wasted valuable time to change your life.

The audio program consists of 15 perfect moments affirmations repeated 3 times against a beautiful and soothing music that I know you will fall in love with.

Affirmations include:

There are only perfect moments.

My life is full of joy and perfect moments

All possibilities exist in the present moment

I create my reality so in this moment I attract unlimited opportunities for love, joy and happiness

I exist in the perfection of all that is.

I choose to see only perfect moments

I recognise only that which is founded in love, joy, abundance and peace

My mind is a reflective pool of perfect moments

My consciousness sees all possibilities and chooses those which bring me the greatest joy

Every moment offers me endless opportunities love, joy and happiness

I am open to a life that brings abundance and joy

I open my heart and mind and embrace the fact that I can create endless opportunities for success, joy and happiness

I only hold visions of perfect moments.

I set the intention that my life is full of endless perfect moments

I choose to create magic, miracles and amazing opportunities because perfection exists in every moment

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