Money Heart

Open Your Heart To Wealth


This short but beautiful visualization takes you to a place where you open your heart to love and in the process open the flood gates to financial abundance. Unfortunately we grow up in a world where we close our hearts to love and in the process close our hearts to abundance.

Product Description

This audio program is 12 minutes in length and is designed to be listened to whilst you are awake. It can be played anytime throughout the day or evening before going to bed.

It is a beautiful visualization that allows you to firstly accept the love that is always been there for you from the supreme universal being and then feel and accept this love into your heart. Money is just a form of energy that manifests when you open your heart and accept the abundance that has always been there waiting for you.

When you are ready to open your heart and accept love into your life you have to by universal law open the flood gates of money and financial abundance. The fact is that when truly accept love into your life it denies no one anything.

It is the most powerful audio program I have recorded to date and if you are serious about increasing your financial wealth then I urge you to listen to this audio recording on a daily basis. all my clients who are currently listening to this program are blown away by its power and beauty.