Overcoming Guilt Affirmations


This audio program is part of our affirmation series and is aimed at assisting you to move beyond those often debilitating thoughts of guilt that arise at times to disturb your peace of mind.

Product Description

This product Is available for instant download

Guilt is one of those insidious feelings that we all have to deal with from time to time. It has the ability to disturb your peace of mind and rob you of joy and happiness. If you find yourself doing things out of guilt or obligation rather than joy then you will probably find this weeks recording life changing. Guilt is also a big factor in increased stress levels and health issues.

It consists of 15 affirmations repeated 3 times at intervals of 30 seconds. It is recorded over a backdrop of music which assists the messages to be transferred into your long term memory much more quickly.

As with all our products it has been designed to fit easily into your busy life style. You can listen to it while doing other tasks. Examples include driving, taking a walk, waiting at appointments, l housework or gardening tasks, supermarket shopping etc.

Some of the power statements include

I can’t give what I don’t have so I always give to myself first

Every action I take is always good enough

I can’t save the world but I can empower others to succeed

This product is available for immediate download

I release myself from being bound to save others

I release myself from the belief that if I don’t do it nobody else will

I acknowledge that I can’t do everything and it is not healthy to attempt to

Who I am and what I do is always good enough

I trust that my life has a divine and perfect cosmic order

I recognise the oneness of all life and know when I forgive another I heal myself

Please note that this audio recording is part of the Reducing Anxiety Power Pack