Problem solving

Problem Solving Whilst You Sleep


Your brain is a powerful asset that when used correctly can give you whatever you need. In this audio program you will learn how to get your brain to solve problems for you whilst you sleep. You now have a choice you can try and solve problems the old fashioned way through toil and hard work or you can make life easy for yourself and tap into your brains amazing power and potential whilst you sleep.

Product Description

This audio program is available for instant download

This simple but effective audio program allows you to put your brain to work at night while you sleep to solve problems while you sleep. It is important to keep in mind with any of the sleep on it range to allow your brain to do the work for you. Once you let your brain know what your problem is you then need to forget about your problem and just enjoy the music. It is your unconscious brain that does the work not your conscious brain. If you start thinking consciously about your problem after you have instructed your brain to do the work you it will prevent the unconscious part of your brain from being able to its job and bring your goal to life as well as giving you a poor nights sleep.

This audio program includes two tracks. Track one is a short introduction of the best way to phrase the instructions you need to give your brain so it can solve your problem for you whilst you sleep. You will only need to listen to this track once. Track two allows you to instruct your brain to solve a specific problem for. It is simple and short process approximately 5 minutes in length with an additional 16 minutes of music so that your brain maintains a relaxed and positive state before sleep.

Keep on listening to track 2 until you have your answer. Initially it might take up to a couple of weeks for you to receive the solution to your problem but the more you use this audio program the quicker you will find that your brain responds to your commands. These days I can just instruct my brain to give me an answer a couple of minutes later I have it. This audio program is wonderful for training your brain to provide answers for you at will.

Whatever you do not play this in the car whilst driving or operating equipment or machinery. It is designed to be played when you get into bed at night.

I have deliberately kept track two short so that you will not fall asleep before you have had a chance to instruct your brain to solve your specific problem. Have fun using your brain while you sleep.