Reduce Anxiety

Reduce Anxiety Power Pack


This pack includes three powerful audio programs designed to reduce anxiety and get you back on track in no time. Set to an evocative backdrop of Theta music you can feel your anxiety and tension just melt away.

Product Description

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Anxiety is something that affects many of us. It can range from that mild feeling in the pit of your stomach or that overwhelming feeling that fears to consume you. Regardless of the severity of the symptoms  it is something that prevents you from expressing and living your best life. The truth is that anxiety is caused by a part of the brain know as the limbic system when it is over producing chemicals. It has nothing to do with you or your personality but instead a state triggered by your brain. This brain state could have been set of by an incident, hormonal changes or it could be heredity. The fact is it doesn’t matter it can be changed by changing your brain neural chemistry and connections.

This Power Pack consists of 3 tracks. Track 1 is a series of power statements designed to change the way you think about yourself and therefore your brains neural chemistry and connections. This can be played in the background when doing other tasks that don’t involve operating or driving machinery that may provide a safety hazard. Examples include walking, housework, waiting for people to turn up to meetings, waiting in supermarket queues etc.

Track 2 is a short 10 Minute Deep Relaxation guided visualisation. This is designed to be played on a regular basis when first starting out with this program. If you can listen to it daily for a period of 3 weeks you will find that it will literally change how you approach your life and situations. For example you will be become aware when you are rushing or feeling anxious about something and instantly be able to relax. This happens because the visualisation specifically sets your brains neural connections to automatically experience a calm, relaxed, safe and confident state. I personally found after listening to this visualisation once the next day I could stop myself from rushing and feeling anxious because I might be late to an appointment. This is something that I hadn’t been able to control before. Please do not listen to this whilst driving or operating machinery you will need to take 10 minutes out to listen to this.

Track 3 is a very powerful guided visualisation called Healing The Past that take you into a deep state of relaxation and then programs your brain to release all traumatic, distressing, hurtful and destructive thoughts and emotions. I have received a lot of positive feedback about this visualisation. At the time I developed this audio program I was suffering from a bout of really bad stomach nerves that appeared out of the blue and I couldn’t seem to shift it. After listening to this track once the problem disappeared and hasn’t returned. I have deliberately kept it short. It is around 8 minutes in length and I have added a few extra additional minutes of music. It is also extremely enjoyable and deeply relaxing to listen to. Whatever you do not play this whilst driving your car or operating equipment or machinery. You will need to take time out to listen to this one. If you cannot find time during the day then listen to it when you get into bed at night.