Self Love

Self Love Affirmations


How often do you have unkind and unloving thoughts about yourself. This Self Love audio program is part of our affirmation series designed to reprogram the way you think whilst doing boring or mundane tasks. Put that wasted time to work and change your life.

Product Description

This product is available for immediate download

Out of all the thoughts we have self love is one of the most powerful but often the most elusive. This audio program uses 15 affirmations repeated 3 times at 30 second intervals. It is recorded over a backdrop of beautiful music which assists the messages to be transferred into your long term memory much more quickly. It has been designed to reprogram the way you think about yourself and hence the results you will achieve in life.

As with all our products it has been designed to fit easily into your busy life style. You can listen to it whilst driving taking a walk, waiting at appointments, doing housework or gardening tasks, doing the supermarket shopping etc.

Some of the power statements include

I am loving and lovable

I am always appreciated, supported and loved by others

My life is an amazing adventure fully supported by universal forces

I am extraordinarily gifted

I express myself easily and effortlessly

My thoughts and actions support the life I want

I allow myself to dream big and stand tall

I deserve only the best in life and I attract a constant stream of love and abundance into my life

My unique gifts and talents are recognised and supported by others

I am a shining light who light ups the world


This last “Self Love” audio track is just what the doctor ordered! It addresses all those thoughts we have about ourselves that aren’t kind and are terribly limiting! Although I have listened only once it already feels like its impacting on the sub-conscious sabotage my mind continually projects. Thank you for targeting this area of brain training so very thoroughly! ….. Maree Chappell.

I will continue to work with your SELF LOVE & OVER COMING GUILT audio affirmations which I find just fantastic! Thank you very much for the great material you are creating and I can say that they are making a huge difference in my life!!………….Melissa Martin