Victim To Victor

Victim To Victor Affirmations


We all have our moments where we feel powerless. Usually these are a result of long forgotten childhood memories. Whenever you feel powerless to change a situation or maybe even your life you are experiencing the victim archetype. Free yourself from the chains of the past with these simple but powerful affirmations. Set to a background of stunning music it has never been easier to change your life.

Product Description

All of us have those moments when we feel that we are a victim of the outside world. Some of us even carry memories of being victimized physically, mentally or emotionally. These memories can live with us preventing success and causing us to see a world in which we have to continually defend ourselves again attack. So if you are feeling powerless to change things I strongly recommend you listen to this audio program.

The audio program has been designed so you can take advantage of all that time you lose doing boring repetitive tasks such as driving, taking a walk, waiting at appointments, doing the housework or gardening tasks, doing the supermarket shopping and the list goes on. Now you can put to use that wasted valuable time to change your life.

Affirmations include:

No one controls my world but me

I am not a victim but a free spirit who creates an amazing life

I chose to release all thoughts and memories that make me feel violated and unsafe

I am safe from attack thoughts because I call on the power of love to heal all wounds

I honour the light within as it soothes and calms my mind

I bring to light the amazing strong and powerful spirit that lives within and I feel safe, grounded, peaceful and happy

Within me resides the mind of the peaceful warrior who allows me to stand in the truth of who I really am. A strong, courageous, loving and beautiful being

I hold dominion over my world with the thoughts that I hold. I choose only empowering thoughts and actions

I hold the power to release all drama from my life. I do this now and I am free to be me.

I recognise the truth of who I really am and I express its beauty freely in this world

My past does not define me I define myself by acknowledging and releasing the storehouse of true power that resides within me.

I choose to step into my destiny knowing in my heart that this is my time.

I never settle for second best because I only acknowledge the truth of who I really am.

I am strong, bold and able to handle all things with grace and confidence.

My life is filled with magic, miracles and amazing opportunities.

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